Baking Therapy

Those of you who know me well will know that I am a huge fan of anything cake and baking related. I’ve been an avid baker for a number of years coming a long way from my days of cooking classes at school (why we had a lesson on how to make a sandwich I’ll still never understand) to some of my baking experiments nowadays! Baking is my way of getting out of my work/training routine for a couple of hours, and I absolutely love it.

This week has been a tough one for me; training has hit a bit of a low point as I’m pretty overworked right now and coursework hand-ins were getting on top of me a bit. So, I decided to bring out the cake tins and treat myself to a bit of baking therapy. Now, something I’ve always wanted to be able to do is crack an egg one handed (small things hey). I decided I wouldn’t be a happy baker until I was able to do this! With a bit of determination, I cracked on (excuse the pun) and quickly got into the cake making swing of things. This was it; my chance to tick it off the bucket list. The poor egg knew its fate, and I knew this was my opportunity. The process of cracking an egg is overlooked but this time it got serious. And I’ll admit, when I cracked that egg one handed I did have a bit of a party and did a little kitchen dance! Happy baker status has been achieved.

As I said, so far March has been a tough old month. I did my 2nd race out in Belgium (slightly more successful; I’m learning slowly) but since then have been a bit low on the old motivation side of things. I’ve been enjoying some quality time with my closest friends, spending far too much time and money in Costa and adding to the list of films I’ve watched! It’s also come to my attention that I really do have a heart of stone – watching two of my housemates balling their eyes out watching The Notebook while I just sat there wondering what the big deal was! So if anyone has any recommendations for a film that will tug at the ol’ heart strings, let me know 😉 On a positive note… it’s only 15 more sleeps till I can have my first Curly Wurly in 40 days! Maybe this is why March has been such a struggle… I’ve come to the conclusion that a Curly Wurly can solve just about anything 🙂

I’ve included a little photo of the cakes I made this week – perhaps I should get stressed out more often if I make cakes like this. Pretty sure the taste testers were happy enough anyway.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Over & out,

Eli xoxImage


3 thoughts on “Baking Therapy

  1. You have a well balanced outlook. Eli! I hope the pink and white spotted apron added to the baking experience! xxx

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