Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’ve never fully appreciated this well-known saying until my most recent trip back home to Aberystwyth. I was born in Aberystwyth and spent the first eighteen years of my life on the beautiful West Wales coast and I really do love it there. Going home from where I’m based now in Loughborough is such a treat (the 5.5 hour train journey is only bearable once in a blue moon) and I decided to make that trip to spend the Easter weekend with my lovely family.

My heart has definitely not been in Loughborough over the past few weeks and I have suffered through painful and exhausting training days without really getting anything from them (apart from sore legs…). I was starting to tick off sessions, just getting them done for the sake of getting them done, and it got to the point where I broke completely during a run session in the lab (completely ridiculous looking back) and needed something to get me back on track. So I packed up some of my things and me and Bruce braved the long journey back to the homeland. Being greeted by my Dad at the station late on that Friday evening was one of the best things in a long time, and it made the trek across the country 100% worth it!

The week I spent at home was exactly what I needed. I was back where I belong and loving the sea air and mountains that I miss so much when I’m in Loughborough. I went back to my swimming club, ADASC (and was reminded just how much individual medley swim sessions hurt….) and also did my first track session of the season on the little 2-lane track at the University. My Dad and I got out on our bikes a few times and he showed me a new route which took in some gorgeous views and I thoroughly enjoyed whizzing along the country lanes on Brucey with my old man for company. I also did A LOT of baking and filled my brother and sister up on cakes and biscuits and brownies which I’m sure they appreciated! Most importantly, I had a much needed break from the Loughborough bubble. I’d got so worked up by the fact that training was going so badly that I’d temporarily lost the enjoyment aspect of it, and getting up every morning for training became too much of a chore. Going home has got me back to my normal self and getting up at 5.15 this morning wasn’t actually that bad… (as good as 5.15am wake-ups sound I guess!).

So I’m back in Loughborough and have had the house to myself for a couple of days, which gives me plenty time to chill out and get used to being back here again. I went up to Manchester while I was at home to spend some time at the Adidas HQ at the launch of the new cycling range so unpacking all my new goodies was also quite exciting :). I was back at squad training this morning with a swim and then spent a great few hours out on the bike this afternoon. I think hitting the Welsh hills for a week has made the Leicestershire hills seem like speed bumps! I haven’t felt that fresh in a long long time, so for that reason my time at home was totally worth it.  I’m racing up in Scotland this weekend, so this feeling has come just in time and I’m excited to get back into the racing game.

Other than that, I’m going to be spending the next few weeks mixing up training with a bit of revision here and there (I do sometimes forget that I am actually a student and probably should do some work!) and getting some oomph (will always remember my music teacher saying this) back in my life :). I’m sure you’ll also all be pleased to know I have since redeemed myself in the lab with a much more successful session and no longer break down in tears at the start of the main set! Well and truly refreshed and raring to go again. Happy days 🙂

That’s me for now 🙂
Over & out,

Eli xox


Easter baking


Me and my lovely mum x


Can you really beat views like this?!


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