Life on Two Wheels…

“How on earth did you manage to crash THREE times?!” was one of the first things said to me at the end of the first stage of the City of Perth Grand Prix. And I can honestly tell you, I really have no idea. I like to believe none of my mishaps are actually my fault, I just seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get caught behind people who like to kiss the ground, but I could be wrong. My coordination and balance could really be that bad.

Crashes aside, I have really enjoyed the last month of racing. Having spent some time at home over Easter, I headed back to Loughborough refreshed and ready to go again. So I headed up to Scotland with some of my Breast Cancer Care teamies for the first National Series race of the year. Last year I competed in my first ever road race which was also part of this series, but being a pretty clueless triathlete just having a go, this one was going to be different. I used my experience I have gained over the winter and in my first few Belgian races to get stuck in and have a crack at being more competitive in the race. Yes, I got caught behind a few crashes (I never actually full on hit the deck though, which is a bonus) but I also made a few attacks and at one point got a good twenty second solo break. So on an individual level, the whole race went well for me. As a team we had a brilliant result, finishing 1st and 3rd overall, in particular showing our dominance in the time trial in which we had seven of our riders in the top 10. Not bad really eh!

I came back from Perth on quite a high, having had a brilliant weekend away racing with some awesome girls and having gained a huge amount of experience ready for the next one. The following weekend I raced the BUCS 3-up time trial alongside two of my training partners, Vicky Johnston and Lucy Smith. It was a horrific day, pouring with rain and hurricane-esque winds, but we sucked it up and got round the 50k course and came away with a bronze medal. Not a bad effort from a bunch of triathletes. I’ve also raced the BUCS 10mile TT and the 25mile TT, finishing 4th in the 10 with a time I was relatively happy about. The 25 didn’t go quite so well, and after coughing up blood after 10 minutes or so I think its self-explanatory really. I do have some MEGA exciting news though… I am investing in a new time trial bike very, VERY soon so am hoping to go a smidge quicker in my TT’s throughout the summer. Sadie the Cervelo should be with me this coming week and I could not be more excited to introduce her to Bruce the Bianchi and start some fast time trialling! 🙂 Her first outing will probably be at the BUCS Olympic distance triathlon on the 19th of May, followed by the first of the Castle Triathlon Series, the LoughCutra triathlon the weekend after, where I am racing as part of the GBR team alongside David Bishop and Luke Watson. Time to take down the Irish in style! 😉

Next weekend, my triathlon season kicks off with the BUCS sprint champs down in Wiltshire, and I’m looking forward to racing my first race of 2013 for Loughborough Triathlon. I’ve been cycling well recently and have finally started to find some run form after long term injury so am hoping it goes well. This will be the first race of the year that I’m tapering for; I can’t stand tapering (I get bored VERY easily) but I know I need to in order to get the best out of myself. Just a pre-warning, you can probably expect my tweeting to increase significantly in line with the decrease in training volume, so apologies in advance ;). Other than that, I’ll be keeping myself busy with some university work (let’s face it though, this probably won’t happen) and plenty of time in the kitchen making some more yummy scrummy cakes!

That’s me all done for now 🙂

Over & out,

Eli xox

Racing at the CoPGP






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