A Brand New Ankle :)

This week was a huge stepping stone for me and my recovery from injury and my little ballerina ankles are now (hopefully) a thing of the past! I’ve always had a large amount of flexibility in my ankles and the instability that came with it was essentially what has been causing me to have stress fractures in my shins and numerous calf problems over the years. If I could have a new set of ankles I would have been a very happy bunny! When you’re going over on your ankles running round a TRACK, there’s clearly something wrong…

For the last few weeks, I’ve known about the possibility of getting an injection into the ankle joint which is designed to strengthen up the ligaments (mine are virtually non-existent) and therefore significantly improve the stability within the ankle. During my recent trip home, I spent a while convincing Mum and Dad that this injection was exactly what I needed if I wanted to be injury free and eventually they came round to the idea. Even without reading the peer reviewed journals my fusspot of a father wanted 😉 So, I came back to Loughborough and recently took a trip to the hospital to have my first set of injections. What I didn’t realise was quite how quickly I would notice a difference! Within 10 seconds of having the injection, my ankle was clearly more solid and the excessive movement in my ankle that had previously been evident was no longer there (yay!). My ankle swelled up like a tennis ball (I was aware this was going to happen but it still came as quite a shock) and there was a lot of stiffness but only 2 days later and its already easing off and I’m noticing a huge difference.

I’m going back to the hospital next week for one more injection into my right ankle and two in my left ankle and then I guess we can start to move upwards from there. Guess who might even be running for a WHOLE MINUTE next week?! Yeah that’s right, meeeeeeee. I’m excited at the prospect of being back running, and jeeeez am I gonna make the most of that minute. In the meantime, my pull buoy has become my best friend and me and Brucey are ramping up some mileage in the gorgeous weather we’ve been having recently! I’ve been lucky enough to find a physio who I personally think is an absolute legend, and has looked after me very well. I’ve been able to try a new form of underwater running, whereby I actually run along the bottom of the pool rather than simply aqua-jogging. I won’t lie it looks pretty ridiculous, but hey, if it’s gonna help to fix me I’ll do it.

Last weekend I went to Liverpool to watch the National Sprint Champs, and support my fellow Loughborough Triathlon teammates. I had a fantastic weekend, catching up with my old friend Nina and meeting so many new people who I have a huge amount of respect for. I actually went up to Liverpool to speak at a Q&A session to raise money for the Linda McCartney Centre where I met Sheena. Sheena is a real inspiration to me (sorry Sheena, I know you hate when people say it and I will make a donation for saying it! ;)) having taken on the challenge of raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause. The Q&A session went really well, and I spent the evening having dinner, gossiping and laughing (a lot!) before spending the following day spectating at the triathlon.

Watching a race you should be racing in is frustrating to say the least, but something one of my friends said to me really stuck with me. Channel that frustration into supporting your friends, knowing that you will be back racing soon. So, I stuck my supporting hat on and cheered like never before! I was proud to watch all my friends tough it out on such a hot day and in such a top race, and it only made me more motivated to knock this injury out of sight and be back racing. Soon… 🙂

Sorry for the rather tame blog post, but thought I’d keep anyone who’s interested updated on how things are going, and let you all know that I’m still smiling, still tweeting and still loving life! All is well in the life of eli_teee 🙂

Over & Out,

Eli xox


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