Comeback Kid

A few months ago, I seriously considered giving up on the sport of triathlon. Three years of constant injuries meant I had no consistency in my training for the whole time and without that, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere. My lack of consistency showed in my race results, and in my opinion I’d failed to gain any decent results since my World Junior Duathlon 4th place finish. Going from being one of the top juniors in the UK to barely even featuring in domestic races is pretty frustrating!

Luckily, before I gave up on my triathlon dream, I had one last useful option. I found myself a new physio and the diagnosis that came about was something I never expected. Having had 5 stress fractures over the 3 year period, I’d come to the conclusion that I was simply prone to these injuries and it was a case of managing them to try and ensure they never happened again. But my new physio assessed my biomechanics (the way my body moves) and we’ve tackled all the problems right from the beginning, starting with my spine and finishing with my ankles. It’s been a tough few months of rehabilitation, including hospital trips and countless painful physio sessions where we ironed out all the creases in my body. But this week I had my final ankle injections to stabilise these weak joints and I can safely say it all seems to have gone well so far (yay! :))

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back to what I love doing the most; racing. I raced the swim and bike leg of the London Triathlon and ran a grand total of 200m out of transition before having to stop (on physio’s orders). I didn’t care. I was just happy to be back on the racing scene and competing with some awesome girls, a number of which have been incredibly supportive over the last few months. In all honesty, I had an atrocious swim but made up for it with a strong bike. I also enjoyed a bit of time away from Loughborough with my favourite ginger pal, Becky so all in all a pretty good weekend.

Next up for me is quite a big one. It’s a test for all the Welsh athletes who are showing an interest in competing in the Commonwealth games. Obviously having not had much race practise this year, I’m throwing myself in at the deep end a bit, but I’m still pretty excited and looking forward to a short and fast burn up around Bryn Bach Park!

I know it’s an incredibly cheesy thing to do, but I’d just like to thank a few people for being the most supportive people I could’ve had over the last few months. My best friend and housemate, Luce has been amazing and has taken a lot of my horrific mood swings and tears (sorry Luce!) without complaining once. My incredible famalam, who kept me happy and made me realise that a year out of having a complete season is nothing in the long run. If it means I can have 10 great seasons to come then its beyond worth it. A friend of mine, Nina, who has been so understanding and helped motivate me to get back to things. Hope I can put on a good show for you at the Commonwealth trials! And finally my fellow welshie Zoe. I raced Zo at London and was proud of the way she raced her first Olympic distance tri, especially after such a tough year last year. #TeamZoli are going to be good to go at Bryn Bach!

All that’s left for me to do now is keep working on my weaknesses, strengthen up my battered old body and get some more hard training in! And one thing’s for sure; I am incredibly thankful I never ever gave up those few months ago, and am making sure I enjoy every aspect of my training. Even the 5.15am starts ;).

And so, the comeback begins… 🙂

Over & Out,




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