Just a little bloggy-wog…

It appears it’s been quite a while since I last posted a blog! I’m sure everyone reading this has been wondering where I’ve got to (you’ve missed me haven’t you, let’s face it). Well, if I’m being completely honest nothing much has really been happening in the wonderful world of eli_teee, but everything is going smoothly.

I started my final year at university back at the beginning of October (feels like ages ago now!) and time feels like it’s rushing away from me already. I’m actually starting to panic about what on earth I’m going to do next year once I’ve finally (hopefully) graduated! But you know what, we’ll let that decision lay low for a while, and I’ll keep on pretending I’m still a fresher for a few more months at least.

So yeah, final year is aaaaall go and I have a pretty heavy lecture schedule. Pah, who am I kidding. I have a grand total of four hours of lectures a week (yes, FOUR) and they’re on a Monday and Tuesday. So essentially I have a two day week and a five day weekend. WINNING. Remind me again why I’m paying £3000 for this? But anyway, this is making training so much easier, and I can actually focus my spare time on my degree and do some reading around my subjects for once. Strangely enough, I’m actually finding that once I sit down and do it, I’m enjoying it?! I’ve recently done an assignment on child eating behaviours and I’ve had to tear myself away from some of the readings at midnight when I’ve realised I have training at 5am the next morning. Probably a bit sad, but don’t judge me (yet).

Training is also going swimmingly (bikingly, and runningly – they don’t work quite so well do they…). I’ve settled into my new routine pretty well already and am finding it very beneficial to have juggled everything around slightly. I now have four solid run sessions under my belt – YAY! And my long run has reached the magical hour mark. It might not seem that much, but to me that is the biggest marathon I’ve done over the last 3 years. It was my favourite session I’ve done in the last training block (potentially due to the large scone with jam and cream I had afterwards) but it wasn’t half rewarding just being able to run for an hour. ‘appy days an’ all that jazz.

In some rather more upsetting news, I had to say goodbye to my beloved Bruce this week. Bruce wasn’t in my life for long, but I feel our friendship grew as girl and bike and became something quite special. Goodbye my loverrrrr, goodbye my friend. I genuinely almost shed a tear when he had to go, until I was quietly reminded that it’s only a bloody bike. But still! He was my baby. So I sent him off to his new home, happy in the knowledge he is going to be well loved and well looked after by his new owner but also feeling like a little part of me went missing. I really need to get a life.

Better news – it’s less than two weeks till our annual takeover of Fuerteventura! I’m off on the 7th of December for two weeks of sun, sea and plenty of bike miles before coming home for Christmas. CANNOT. WAIT. I really love it out there, and this will be my fourth training camp on the island and it’s gonna be wicked. I’m going to try reeeeeally really hard not to have any silly panic attacks because of the fish in the sea (stupid phobia for a triathlete to have really that one) and will make sure I don’t collapse off my bike having lost any ability to pedal this time (that’s a story for another day…). Bring on the sunny miles!

Will leave you all to cosy up with a cuppa tea and a warm blanket. Yeah that’s right. Be jealous. Sure there will be some entertaining stories and adventure tales when we get back, so I’ll make sure to update y’all!

Over & Out,

eli_teee xox


Here for your entertainment on those long, cold, wet, ‘ORRIBLE winter rides.


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