Every Bad Hair Day is just a Good Hat Day

You know those days, everyone has them. I have them way too frequently at the moment when your hair just doesn’t go right?! You spend an age making sure it looks just right and it never quite fits the bill. It looks pretty darn good in the mirror, you step outside and WHOOOSH, yer barnet is all over the place again. Ok I’m losing my point a little bit already but what I’m getting at is these things happen, and all you have to do is make the best out of a bad situation. That hat you bought two years ago that you’ve never worn. Now’s the time! Now. Is. The. Time my friend. Dive into the depths of your wardrobe and find that lovely little lonely hat and wear it with pride.

I guess what you could say I’m getting at is that life often throws a spanner in the works but no good comes from sitting back and just letting it happen. If I turned up to a team meal with my hair resembling a holly bush, I don’t think I’d feel great about it and I’d probably get some funny looks too!

The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur if I’m totally honest. I had some stuff happen in my personal life that ripped me apart and I spent a week in tears, struggling to get through a single session without the waterworks coming out to play. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat (the most unlike me EVER) and I didn’t really see much point to my days.  All that sounds pretty horrible and it was something I wish I never had to go through and no-one else should ever have to go through but it happens, day in day out all over the world in different ways and you just have to go with it. Or do you…?

Luckily for me, I have the most incredible friends, family and support network around me who picked me up from rock bottom and I can truly say that right now I feel like I am flying high again, in Eli Dreamland. The day it all went wrong, my Loughborough Mummy Pauline, and my totally awesome training partner Soph came to get me, a teary mess, and brought me back to their lovely home and treated me to a roast dinner and cups of tea on tap. It really is the small things that count, and the generosity and love that these two give me is really faultless.  My best friend Becky spent almost every waking hour making sure I was ok and not doing anything stupid, making me countless dinners, munching through bag after bag of yogurt coated almonds (seriously, how can those things be so good?), hearing each and every wacky thought that came into my mind, listening to me, wiping away the stray tears and just being there. If you don’t know Becky, your life is missing a key ingredient, because I’ve really nailed the best friend tag with this one.

Of course, my wonderful mum, dad, brother and sisters, and all my close family and friends, in particular Rach, Ruthie, Nina and Laura. Spending hours on the phone, hearing me cry probably made you all feel a bit useless being so far away and all (and Laura, I’m sorry I cried all the way through ‘Frozen’ ;)). But I can say now that having these people around you where you can just pick up the phone any time of the day and SOMEONE will be there means the absolute world. Put time into your relationships with these people in your life, because one day you’ll need them more than ever before, and you’ll realise that the selflessness they show goes an awfully long way to your eventual happiness.

What I also realised is that although the support network of people around you is extremely important, ultimately you, YES YOU are in control of your own destiny and your own happiness. Never rely on someone else’s happiness to make you happy because all too often it doesn’t work out and you’re left hanging. Sounds awfully familiar to me… So, I decided that although my life felt like it was over (corrrr we all overreact a little at times don’t we!) I needed to put myself in the driving seat for once and decide exactly where my life was going to take me. By doing this, I have managed to bag myself A JOB! And not any old job, oh no. It’s a job with a respected worldwide energy recruitment agency, and I will be based in the London office for the first year. After that, the world really is my oyster and the opportunity to work in any of their other offices comes my way. Did I hear you say Cape Town? Or did I mishear you and you actually say Houston? Or was it Dubai? Anyway, you get my drift. I can go ANYWHERE and live the life that I want, and in the words of the wonderful Nicole Scherzinger (I actually despise this woman but for once I can actually relate to her words) there really is ‘no ceiling to my sky’ 🙂

So, a bit of an emotional and deep blog to kick off your Thursday! I had a little cry writing this, realising that my family are incredible, my friends are awesome, my future is bright (not orange though) and the most important thing? My life is BLOODY FANTASTIC.

I have 3.5 weeks now till my race in Turkey and 3.5 weeks to nail every session and get the absolute best out of myself before D-Day. I usually get myself worked up and nervous, and although a little bit of nervous energy is good, getting yourself in a tangle because of it certainly isn’t any good. I’m actually really super excited about this race and the opportunity it brings with it so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we…  I’m going to leave you with 5 little pieces of advice/words of wisdom that have got me through the last month or so and hope that you can understand that no matter what life throws at you, it will get better and you just have to keep on smiling.


1)      Love is the Answer – loving those that matter unconditionally is the most important investment you will ever make. Fact.

2)      Enjoy the Journey – it’s part of life. To get anywhere you aspire to be, you have to go through some pretty tough times. But enjoy it! I got lost on the way to an interview in Canary Wharf and spend a good half hour running round like a total madwoman. But I saw some pretty cool things whilst this happened so life ain’t so bad my friends!

3)      Be Optimistic. The glass is never half empty. But in my mind it’s not half full either. My glass is overflowing (unfortunately it’s not full of a deliciously fruity yummy white wine) but it is spilling over the edge and opportunities are flying my way. Grab them and run with them.

4)      Don’t Punish Yourself – you only get given one life and one body. Live your life in a way that your body will be grateful for; take extra care of yourself and live well. In simple words I guess you could say ‘Love Yourself’.

5)      Happiness is Cheese (and cheese is happiness). Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re putting too much cheese on your macaroni. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


Over & Out,



"If all else fails, just be Beyonce"

“If all else fails, just be Beyonce”



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