A Jolly Good Time

Looks like it’s been quite a while since I last blogged! Which I suppose could be seen as a good thing?! So how’s life? Well, you know what? Life’s pretty freaking good actually. So much has changed in the last few months, let alone in the last year but I’m as happy and chirpy as ever.

When I think back to this time last year, I was coming back from Turkey where I raced the race that was intended to secure my selection for the Commonwealth Games. I was coming back upset, disappointed, frustrated and angry at myself and my result (my first triathlon DNF due to a puncture), not knowing what to do or where to go next.

The months that followed were a whirlwind, which involved my first half ironman, my first half ironman win, my first international win and first trip to the Caribbean, graduation, retirement from elite triathlon, selection for the Commonwealth Games, and relocation to London. Phew. It was a crazy summer, but a summer I won’t forget.

And if I thought THAT was a crazy few months… the next few months were something else (see previous blog here https://elinorthorogood.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/hakuna-matata/)! I can safely say that I am now so far from that low and dark place that I might as well be in another world. When I moved home from London, I moved back in with my parents into my childhood home. Back into my little box room, with my cosy little bed and no room to swing a cat. I’d have taken that room any day if it meant I was happy again so I really had nothing to complain about! I loved being home (the cheap rent was great too ;)) but I knew that it wouldn’t be a permanent move.

At the end of February, Glyn and I moved into our gorgeous flat closer to town. It’s actually the music room of the old local Welsh secondary school and is my absolute favourite place in the world. We had some fun decking the place out, buying furniture, colourful kitchen equipment (sorry Glyn) and planning where everything would go. When we were finally all moved in, we sat down in THE comfiest armchairs EVER and knew that we would be so very happy in our lovely flat. We’re also now only a 15 minute walk to work – BONUS!

Speaking of work… I’ve got a good job in the University here and although it’s not something I want to do forever, I know what else is on the horizon and I can’t wait. I’m focussing on doing the best that I can do in the job I’m in, and making the most of the opportunities to learn and gain more and more experience in the working world. I have wonderful colleagues who think I’m a bit nuts (they sussed that out pretty quickly hey!) but also colleagues who care about me and look out for me. It’s a special community and I do love that. In September next year, I’m hoping to be chasing a new career (something quite different but something I’m really set on) but for the moment, I need to focus on the present, so all will be revealed once that’s been confirmed! 🙂

On the sporting front, things have changed A LOT. So back in May last year, I retired from elite triathlon. The lifestyle pressures and injury frustrations were getting too much for me and my body so I made the decision to take a step back and focus on building a healthier Eli again. I now feel like I’ve found a balance and am racing for Aprire Bicycles HSS Hire Women’s Cycling Team. And I love it! I had a pretty disastrous winter in terms of training (ruptured calf – out for three months; Christmas virus – out for three weeks; broken wrist – out for four weeks). But I’m gathering momentum slowly but surely, and finding my love for competition again. I’ve now raced two races (Cheshire Classic and the Tour de Yorkshire) and although I didn’t really have the most outstanding results, I enjoyed both and am loving being part of such a brilliant team again. The girls are all amazing, both as athletes and as friends and I’m so happy to have met them through our mutual love of such a fantastic sport.

Now back to the balance thing… I’m also enjoying fulfilling my other desire in life. My desire to travel! As an athlete, you get to travel a lot. But seeing the airport, the hotel, the race course and maybe the odd restaurant now and then isn’t really that special. Last month I went to Norway with Glyn and we both had such an incredible time and want to go back already! It’s a gorgeous country and somewhere I am so glad to have the opportunity to visit (and flights were only £16 return, so we can’t complain really!). Now that I’ve reignited that ‘wanderlust’, we’re in the first stages of planning our next trip which is quite a big’un. We’re planning on heading to New Zealand for Christmas and New Year so I’m busy saving up holiday time and money to book flights and get the show on the road! SO EXCITED!!

I’m trotting along happily through life, meeting new people, making new friends, seeing new places and experiencing new things. Keeping my life busy, exciting, full to the brim and smiley 🙂 The best way to be!



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